Father’s Should be Celebrated Just Like Moms!

We love holidays in our house – and always make a big deal out of them.  This year’s Father’s Day was no exception. Although I did the planning and shopping, Dad did the cooking – and with pleasure since we were grilling, as we do every Father’s Day. We had a great, unplugged day – hence the belated nature of this year’s post!!

As I was pondering what to write for this year’s Father’s Day post, I decided to pull my teen daughter’s into the fun. I asked them each a simple question “When you think of Daddy, what special memory comes to mind?”

Our 16 year old, came up with a memory in a flash – then quickly followed it with some “close seconds”:

“One time, Daddy took me to dinner before a movie – and then after. We went to Unos. That was funny – and really cool.”

“The last time we went to DisneyWorld we went on the Tower of Terror 3 times in 20 minutes – awesome!”

“Any visit to the amusement park…I love roller coasters with Daddy.” (So true! Those two just love things with speed that cause them to dangle at great heights.)

Our 13 year old initially baulked:

“Daddy is just daddy – I love him and he’s awesome. Any thing I do with him is cool.”

When I nudged her a touch, though, she smiled and offered up this:

“Actually, I love when Daddy takes me to the movies – just us.” (They go to everything from teenage girl movies to super hero movies.)

As for me, all I can say is you’ll never find me posting a blog post like this one.

I find it’s the differences between me and my husband that make us work – that ease my stress as a mom. We pass the parenting and household chore toche seamlessly at this point after being together for nearly 2 decades but also know when each other needs it to be passed. So, to the people feeling stressed out by their spouse “not helping”, pass the torch more and have faith he can handle whatever it is.

Happy day-late Father’s Day to the best torch receiver and giver I  know.


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