Dr. Gwenn’s Updated Family Media Use Plan

Family Using Technology

In 2010, I created a Family Media Use Plan for my book CyberSafe. To mark the last day of  National Cyber Security Awareness Month, I want to share with you my revised Family Media Plan.  The focus of my new plan is to help your family live a good, balanced digital life. … [Read more...]

Ready, set…turn off those screens!


This week is the annual Screen Free Week. It's a great time to try and live life with as little technology as you and your family can, when not in school or work. It's actually a tough challenge. Screens are everywhere - stores, restaurants, hotels, gas stations. However, annual week's like Screen Free Week allow us to all reconnect without so much technology and come out the other side with more … [Read more...]

Safe Surfing for Internet Safety Month


Last night I had trouble sleeping. Somehow our digital alarm clock went its typical low, soothing glow to a "WAKE UP" Times Square-level neon green. If the door wasn't shut, the entire house would have woken up. Instead, just the parental units. So, college kids slept just fine and we woke up way too early putting getting our money's worth out of our Keurig. Such is the downside of the digital … [Read more...]

Texting: An unexpected bridge to talking to our teens

Teenage Family Using Gadgets Whilst Eating Breakfast Together In

An interesting phenomenon has occurred in our home lately. Everyone is getting along. It’s not that there was all out war but with two teenage daughters under one room with college in the mix, things do get interesting at times. We didn’t have any huge family meeting or the need to broker a peace treaty. We actually stumbled upon a new path to better communication by accident: texting. … [Read more...]