Are you ready to be unplugged? I am.


The National Day of Unplugging starts at sundown tonight and lasts for 24 hours. Are you up for the challenge? I am. In fact, since I caught the unplugged bug a few years ago, I've found myself becoming naturally more unplugged with each passing day. So, that's likely whey you've noticed an obvious drop of in the lack of posts over the last year. I've truly been living the unplugged … [Read more...]

Summer Tips for Having Fun and Staying Healthy

The lazy days of summer just about here officially but the wave is spreading across the country quickly as school ends for another year. Before we know it, warm weather will be upon all of us and summer plans will be in full swing. My favorite part of the summer is the change of pace from the school year. I try to adopt as much of the "lazy" from the motto "lazy days of summer" and encourage my … [Read more...]

Keep Calm and Avoid the Mall…it can be done!

Keep Calm and Avoid The Mall

I swung over to the mall yesterday, President’s Day,  to take my usual walk - but arrived a bit after the mall opened instead of during the usual pre-opening walk hours. OMG, what a mistake! … [Read more...]

Dr. Gwenn’s Tips for Unplugged Living

Keep Calm and Unplug On

Ready to learn to unplug? Or, looking for more ways to unplug? I have just the tips you've been looking for! Here are 15 of my favorite ways to disconnect and get away for the digital world for a while, either by myself or with my family and friends. Feel free to download this to your computer, share it, print it. The more people in your life that unplug with you, the more fun and empowering … [Read more...]