Helping Kids Be Mobile And Safe


We know kids and teens love their mobile devices, cell phones especially. It's all too easy, though, to forget that our kids are still developing and need guidance on how best to use these devices safely and other people's best interests in mind. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Boston…strong as ever!

Boston Strong, April 27, 2013

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Want to be more healthy? Eat like some of the top docs!

What Doctors Eat

One of my biggest challenges as a mom and a physician has been to stay healthy. ¬†With our hectic lives, at home and work, and everyone coming and going, finding time to eat "healthy" and exercise is an everyday challenge. To think of it any other way just gets me in trouble. Perhaps that's one of the reasons, like so many women, I've suffered from the infamous yo-yo issue throughout my life. Its … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Valentine’s Day goes digital…or does it?

2013 Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts

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