Mother’s Day Musings

Mother's Day Gifts

A mother’s day post from a mom we all wish we knew As an author and a woman, there are just some women authors I wish I had gotten the chance to meet and have a cup of coffee with.   You know the type: the ones who make you think: wow...she would have been a great neighbor. … [Read more...]

Regrouping this week with our families

Earlier today I sent out this tweet: MA families - it's still school vacation week. Family time is the best way to help our kids regroup from tough events. Will post ideas soon. — Dr. Gwenn (@DrGwenn) April 16, 2013 As promised, here’s some ideas of ways you can spend time with your kids this week. These are some of my family’s “go to” activities and have been since my girls were really … [Read more...]

My brain is still purple. How about yours?

My brain is purple. As you know, it's been this way since 2007 when I first took this fun test circulated around the blogosphere. Interestingly, I'm actually drawn to the color purple and have been for a very long time so perhaps there's more to this little test than just mid-week distraction.  Have a go at it and see what color your brain is. You never know...perhaps you'll learn something about … [Read more...]

Keep Calm and Avoid the Mall…it can be done!

Keep Calm and Avoid The Mall

I swung over to the mall yesterday, President’s Day,  to take my usual walk - but arrived a bit after the mall opened instead of during the usual pre-opening walk hours. OMG, what a mistake! … [Read more...]