You’ve got to be kidding!

Check this out.I almost fell off the breakfast bar stool while I was reading it - and so did my husband. I love this line: "Even on the days Sara doesn't work, she's not going to have time to cram in all the things she used to do for us." Or this: "So in the last 14 months, Sara has learned to cook, taken on the job of paying the bills, and become our social secretary. Best of all for me, … [Read more...]

Want healthy habits for your kids? Change the rules

I've often wondered why schools don't have healthier alternatives for kids - and why kids are only allowed to eat at designated times. But, that is a post for another day.The Boston Channel On Line reported yesterday that Framingham High School was just awarded a grant to offer healthier foods. This is fantastic! I hope this becomes an epidemic that spreads quickly to all our communities. As part … [Read more...]

MCAS Musings

While I'm knee deep in MCAS, and helping a very unsure third grader get through her first experience with this annual rite of passage, I'm struck with a few MCAS musings. We can argue the merits of the test and whether the amount of testing serves the purpose intended another time; for now, here are my reflections on my 3rd and 5th graders' MCAS moments so far:1. Let's not tell them they … [Read more...]