Being bullied can lead to suicide in kids

Last week's suicide of 11 year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover is a wake-up call to parents and schools everywhere that bullying is not being handled correctly, swiftly or firmly enough to protect the true victims.Carl's mother told the news that he had been threatened by classmates for six months before he took his life by hanging, and that her cries for help to his charter school had fallen on … [Read more...]

Why should kids play? Why not!

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"And, not just Jack...Jill and the other kids, and their parents! We've become a dull and overworked society by all the work we're doing at the expense of play. Adults feel they must work, work, work to bring home the bacon, and our kids' have zero time for play thanks to over scheduled after school lives and a school day no devoid of recess and free time … [Read more...]

Education isn’t about mastery but about learning

I have a very liberal view of education. I know many kids who have done very well being home schooled, attending private schools, charter schools, and public school. No two children learn the same way. so it's wonderful that there are so many types of education available to find a good match for our kids. As long as a parents do their homework and keep the process child-focused, kids can do very … [Read more...]

Richard Simmons on Jessica Simpson’s Weight Issues and What Today’s Kids Need In School

On Entertainment Tonight, Richard Simmons talks about weight issues and, true to form, hits the nail on the head 100%. From celebrities dealing with weight issues in the public eye to kids not having enough recess, Simmons tells it as it is and offers some practical solutions to keep everyone fit and on track.This video should be mandatory watching in all public school systems. Today's kids are … [Read more...]