Wordless Wednesday: First Snow

November 2012 First Snow

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Halloween Isn’t The Same Without Those Orange Boxes

We had a great Halloween over all. Many fun costumes. Lots of smiling faces. Huge amounts of candy. But, none of these: Do you remember these from the Halloween's of your youth? You should. Unicef is celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year of "Trick or Treat for Unicef". I'm not entirely sure when I recall them disappearing from my town but I'm certainly my girls had these familiar orange … [Read more...]

A Safe and Happy Halloween

My oldest daughter has always remembered loving Halloween. As a toddler, she would dress up and stand at the door handing out candy. As a tween, she and her friends planned the event for months down from costume coordination to candy gathering neighborhood map. Now, as a teenager still don costumes and either stay at home as a group handing out candy to the younger kids or go about the … [Read more...]

L’Shana Tova (Happy New Year!)


As I head to my Mom's house for our Rosh Hashanah holiday gathering, I wanted to take a quick moment and wish all my Jewish friends and readers a very happy and sweet new year. Dr. Gwenn … [Read more...]