Ready, set…turn off those screens!

This week is the annual Screen Free Week. It's a great time to try and live life with as little technology as you and your family can, when not in school or work. It's actually a tough challenge. Screens are everywhere - stores, restaurants, hotels, gas stations. However, annual week's like Screen Free Week allow us to all reconnect without so much technology and come out the other side with more … [Read more...]

2016 Spring Tool Box

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush ~ Doug Larson Spring seems to put a smile on most people. And with good reason. After a long, cold winter in most areas of the country, the warm temperatures, green grass and blooming trees and flowers are invitations to get outside and air out. Its hard to not have a bounce in your step after being stuck inside without sun … [Read more...]

Friday Fun: what a difference a week makes

Living in New England, a week can be quite the experience! Monday Friday Finally...spring! … [Read more...]

Friday Fun: Modern Holidays

It's time to dust off Friday Fun! This week's pic of the week, a snapshot of our modern holiday family life. … [Read more...]