Minipeddi…is this a mini-joke?

I almost dropped my tea when I read the Globe last night. Spas for kids? Is this real?? Sadly, it is very real.You've got to check out the picture gallery - seeing is believing! Before I go into a mini-tirade about what is wrong with these pictures, let me point out the few good points:1. this is an interesting way to promote mom/daughter bonding, if used sparingly and for special occasions, in … [Read more...]

Please…Be Wise, Immunize!

This one hit close to home. This was one of those stories you read and think "wow...good thing it wasn't anyone we know". Well, in this case not only did I know someone in the story but that someone is my brother; and this story does have a happy ending.You may have seen The Boston Globe article last weekend. It was was a very small one with the title "hub visitor develops measles". Never a good … [Read more...]

Getting Good Grades: not just for college entrance anymore

Did you know that if your teen gets good grades, a B or higher, they can catch a break on the car insurance premium? I learned that pearl this morning on a short segment on Good Morning America called Save on Your Teens First Car. Talk about an incentive for hitting the books - and even battling "senioritis". What I love about the suggestions in this segment is the emphasis placed on … [Read more...]

A Wicked Good Time

For Mother's Day, we took the entire family to Wicked The Musical - what a wonderful show! It was family-friendly and had enough twists and turns to keep everyone from kids to grandparents amused. And, had a few hidden surprises that made the evening all the sweeter. The show delivers on all levels: fun, fantasy, good music, and twists and turns that explain how the beloved characters from the … [Read more...]