Infection Alert

You have symptoms of the flu complete with fever then all of a sudden get a rash. If you have been in and about Boston, especially around the Hancock Tower, you need to consider measles. Since I first blogged about this, there have been a few more cases - and some in the last few days.What can you do? Check with your doctor to be sure you are uptodate on your vaccinations - especially measles. … [Read more...]

Deja Vou

It’s coming…and none of us can stop it! THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR! Wait! Hold the presses! Isn’t this still the current school year?? Planning a school year is like a garden of laundry. Just when you get to the bottom of the pile, a new pile sprouts. These sprouts become full blown schedule items very quickly with deep, difficult to move roots, and often become tangled in each other well … [Read more...]

Cosmetic or Necessity: the truth of baby helmets for positional skull deformities

Talk about cute Luke! I'm sure you've seen babies like Luke while you've been out and about and wonder what the helmets are all about. The helmets are to correct something called deformational plagiocephaly which has been occuring more and more as kids have been placed on their backs with the SIDS Back to Sleep campaign sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics. There is no doubt that … [Read more...]

All for one, One for All…at least in theory

Today's Globe had an interesting article: US health beyind Canada's, study finds. The punch line is actually in the subtitle: Preventive care makes difference, researcher says.This is old news in so many ways. Preventive care has been the hallmark of medicine for a very long time. The new news is more that the US is falling behind its closest allies such as Canada and England. The studies were … [Read more...]