Goodbye Chipper!

Today is a sad day. Today my family says goodbye to our much loved guinnea pig, Chip. We've had Chip and her sister, MooMoo, for 5 years, since they were 2 months old. My oldest daugheter was only 6 and my youngest only 3. That's a long time to have a pet in a child's world! So, this is a tough day. Tough for my children who are feeling this loss akin to us losing a close friend; tough for my … [Read more...]

Water, Water Everywhere but not all of it is safe for our kids to drink

I grabbed some Dannon water at Target last week when rushing through with my kids. My daughter loved the size and the fact that they had sports tops - just right for little hands and backpacks. When I got home, I noticed the water had fluoride in it. Back to the store, I thought. Why? Simple. Most of our water supplies in Massachusetts already has enough fluoride in it for our children's … [Read more...]

Avoiding Medication Mishaps

We've all seen and heard the news this week. CVS admitted to prescription filling mistakes. One man was given the wrong medication and in another instance a toddler's insulin was mixed incorrectly. All reports indicate that CVS made statements on their web site. To CVS I ask: where is the statement? I looked all over the site today and found neither an easily viewed statement or information on … [Read more...]

BIrds And Bees Continued

So, the reproduction unit in the 5th grade class wraps up this week with one final "talk" but this time girls only in one room and boys only in another. After a week of some sticky hormonal moments, some amazing tranformations have occurred:Me: So, do I dare ask how it all went today? Caits: Actually, the movie was not as bad as I feared - but the inside stuff is weird. And sperm are fish - … [Read more...]