CyberSecurity Tip 30 and 31: Unplug and Relax!

You did it! An entire month of CyberSecurity tips. No more tips and time to unplug, relax and enjoy time with your family.  COVID rules may change Halloween but don't let that stop you from creating some old fashioned unplugged spooky fun with your family. Pull out decoration. Create a fun meal and have a great time.               … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 29: You are your child’s best digital role model

 Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.  — Robert Fulghum   If you want to know why your otherwise good kids sometimes have not so good digital habits, find one of these:   So, be the digital citizen you want your kids to be. It really is that simple.   … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 28: Wordless Wednesday – Digital Refueling

Wordless Wednesday: Digital Refueling … [Read more...]

CyberSecurity Tip 27: Be Cyberinformed about Cyberbullying

Have you talked to your kids about bullying? What about cyberbullying? In today's expanding digital world, it's difficult to not talk about one without the other. The statistics on cyberbullying have been relatively stable for a while. Approximately 37% of teenagers ages 12-18 report being cyberbullied. So, this is an important topic to talk about with your tweens and teens. These are not easy … [Read more...]