Kick Off CyberSecurity Awareness Month by Being More Cyber-Aware

Once again, this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month Theme is:

“Our Shared Responsibility”

That truly hits the nail on the head with the best way to approach not only our safety and security online, but our developing kids and teens as well. Just as we do offline, approaching the online world with the same common sense is the best guiding principle. To that end, as you do when they are out and about, teach our kids the familiar motto: “if you see something, say something.” Better to grab an adult if they see something odd online than to suddenly find themselves in a precarious situation.

These issues are complicated and while it seems daunting to try and cover all important points in one month, this year I’m going to try by posting a tip a day throughout October. The goal is to offer you and your family a potpourri of the important issues to consider so by the end of the month you’ll have some action steps to help you get everyone you care about just a bit safer than they were when this month began.

Of course, the best way to teach our kids is by example – we should be doing that as much as we can. But, it helps to know what we should be trying to achieve. So, this month, here’s a blueprint of ideas for you to consider based around the three big themese of National Cyber Security Awareness Month:

1. Your Digital Footprint: Keeping it Safe and Sound

2. Protecting the Online You

3. Cloaking Yourself from Cyber Thieves

Until the next post, safe clicking!

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