How to know when your daughter is becoming a tween

ou know your daughter is becoming a tween when…

1. you go to help you’re her with her hair and realize she is just about your height.
2. you look for socks and a t-shirt that only moments ago were in your drawer and realize she is wearing them.
3. you catch her paying more attention to her appearance.
4. you barely get the royal wave these days when she walks by you with her friends. If you are lucky, you may, however, get a royal nod.
5. subtle innuendos in movies start to catch her attention. (Such as the “magic middle age man pill” reference from the Pink Panther Movie.)
6. you can see yourself more and more in her actions, words and moods.
7. her moods start cycling with your moods –well before other female cycles have be awakened in her.
8. you feel comfortable leaving her home alone for a bit.
9. waitstaff at restaurants bring her a “real” menu and drink cup without first asking.
10. you realize she’s starting to notice boys but just can’t admit it yet.

And, the crème de la crème your daughter is now a tween moment:
While attempting to shave you realize your shaving cream bottle, that only yesterday was full, was now only fumes, and you knick yourself from a razor blade that had suddenly gone dull. Shaving elves? Leprechauns? Or, perhaps, a stealth action of a tween.

Today shaving, tomorrow – yikes!

(Image source: Earth’s Biggest Movie Database)

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