Turn Off The Tube All Week Long


Welcome back from April Vacation! What better way to step into spring and the home stretch in the school year than by celebrating National TV-turn off week that starts today and lasts until April 30.

So, keep the tube off this week and find fun ways to spend time as a family. Can’t think of any? Here are some ideas to get you on your way:

1. build a puzzle
2. cook dinner together
3. plant flowers as a family (assuming the rain stops!)
4. make cookies from scratch
5. play a board game
6. read a book
7. take a walk or bike ride
8. throw a ball or frisbee around in the backyard
9. listen to music
10. try sudoku or crossword puzzles together – sudoku is particularly annoying but really fun!
11. give your children the choice of what to do with you – you may be pleasantly surprised by the activities they come up with.

OK, so this may not be a picnic early one with some of our TV-loving kids but given the statistics on TV watching, the effort you’ll be going through this week is more than worth it.

To start the week off in the right direction, I’d suggest you hide the remotes. If your kids are like mine, the minute they have to walk across the room to turn on the TV or change the channel, they’ll wander off and do something else.

For those of you wanting a real TV-free challenge, turn off TIVO.

Image Source: TV Turn-off week web site

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