Friday Wrap up: Autism, Moms, Medicines, Happiness and Stars

The end of this week was loaded with interesting news that impacts our lives and our kids in different ways. Some of these headlines provide information and clarity on medical issues impacting our lives while others help us sort out the nuts and bolts of basic living. And, tossed in the headline salad is a celebrity headline that has teachable moments for our impressionable offspring.

Autism and Genetics
Right on the footsteps of another headline earlier this week that really helps put aside concerns about autism and vaccines, ABC News reports that three other Tramadol studies
have emerged all citing genetics as the more likely culprit. This is an interesting summary of three studies, one of which actually identifies a gene likely defective in autistic children. The researches in these studies seemed to be leaning towards genetics as being the main component of autism with environmental factors playing only a small roll. One mom interviewed was quoted as saying:

“In my heart now I know it’s a genetic disorder….I don’t think it’s caused by any of the environmental [factors] they talk about in the news.”

Working Moms Working From Home
With so many moms working from home, MomLogic asked the simple question: can it really be done? Check out what they discovered from their experts…and, yes, it really is as hard as it looks – but possible!

No, Hannah, not a body double!!
Yes, it is true. Hannah Montana, aka Miley Cyrus, uses a body double during parts of her tour. While some fans interviewed in this story were clearly shattered by this discovery, I was not surprised. Shows like this always have elements of smoke and mirrors and our kids need to know that. They need to understand that this is a show and shows have stunts and delusions built in at times.
That said, the producers likely could have anticipated this uproar and just had a dance scene without Miley/Hannah…the fans would have survived better than Miley will likely survive all this press!

Over the Counter Cold Medicine Abuse

Why the hoopla over OTC cold medicines in children? This is why. 3.1 million people between the ages of 12-25 are getting high on the stuff. This should really alarm parents and confirm why the recalls were so necessary for OTC meds in children under the age of 6. Many parents still doubt those reports which worries me to my core. People have to realize that just because a medicine is available without a prescription doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous. This report should highlight that. Add to this our inability to dose these meds correctly in small children and no one should doubt any more why they needed to be pulled from the shelves.

Becoming Happy

Bill Weir on ABC News did an interesting report on happiness. Turns out, it ain’t money or kids…check out this article and video . According Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How Of Happiness, interviewed by Weir:

“Research is showing pretty convincingly now that happiness is really within us, it’s not outside of us. It’s in what we do. It’s sort of how we buy Soma
act, how we think every day of our lives.”

But, we all knew that…how many rich people shown on the news seem truly happy?? I’ve always believed there was a point at which people can have too much in terms of things – money and tangible items. Now I have research to support my theory!

Finally, for some Friday Fun, to all the husbands out there, here’s a good tip of how not to answer your wife with any question relating to beauty.


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