New Thimerosal Study Takes The Wind Out Of Eli Stone’s Sail

As a parent, what would you tell your children if they worked endlessly to justify a questionable action to you? You’d likely tell them, give it up. Sometimes we have to admit “we were wrong”. That is what ABC should have done at the very least. And, that’s what they should be doing today.

Their own website article says it all: “Disney’s television group provided copies of more than 230 angry letters from groups such as the American Medical Association to the first lady of Mexico. One family wrote that their child had died of the flu because she wasn’t vaccinated; another mother who had lost a son to meningitis urged ABC to cancel the show.” And still the show goes on.

As if the public and professional outcry was not enough, the AAP decided to release early the results of a study that demonstrate that thimerosal, the mercury preservative in flu shots at the heart of the Eli Stone episode, doesn’t even stay in infants bodies long enough to case any harm. This study is a nice addition to the vaccine safety landscape and directly addresses the heart of the lingering concerns many parents have had over vaccines.

I suppose if we really want to see what the hoopla is about we can watch the episode for ourselves. But, that just flames the fire and puts money into the hands of the people who created this mess to begin with. I feel to watch, is to indulge. Plus, we all have much more important uses for our time such as spending it with our families.

By the way, since I did my post on the Eli Stone controversy yesterday, some interesting new commentary has emerged. Check this out. And, this.



  1. Saw the epidode and its clear that his decision to try to make the connection between vaccines and autism was somehow related to his propensity for hallucinations and delusions. See Saturday morning’s New York Times editorial page for support of our position.

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