Are you aware of Autism? Today you should be!

Today is World Autism Awareness Day, a day dedicated to all the autistic people in the world who need a voice for this often misunderstood constellation of conditions.

Today is a day for awareness, not for soap box stands. Today is a day to speak for kids who can not speak for themselves and to not use those kids as voices for our own agendas. Today is a day to remember that there are real kids in the world dealing with real issues that most of us can not begin to fathom because we can speak and so, too, can our kids.

Even if you don’t have an autism child, you likely know someone who does. As part of a global society, sometimes the best we can do is understand the facts and not promote the myths any more. If you can only do this much, you’ll be helping your friends and neighbors, and perhaps family members, whose lives have been touched by autism in some way.

But, hearing the facts can be difficult today because of our multimedia world where too many people can sometimes have a say. To really hear the facts, you have to first tune out the many voices of well meaning celebrity parents. Despite their polish and their charm, their story doesn’t always represent the truth of autism, even though it may represent their own child’s personal story and successes.

For the truth of autism and the facts as we understand autism today, here are the expert links to refer to:

Vaccine Safety and Autism
CNN Autism Special
CDC Autism Page
American Academy of Pediatrics Autism Page

For a succinct, all in one link for information, check out today’s MomLogic post. In addition to a great list of normal developmental milestones by age and redflags, the CNN video is worth watching and really helps capture the experience of so many families who have autistic kids.

If this is a cause important to you, you can consider being part of Autism Speaks Walk On The Web. A great virtual way to spread awareness to your online network of friends and family and perhaps raise some much needed money for research, too.

Today you’ll likely hear some of the old autism debates resurface and by well spoken celebrity parents. Just hit the off switch – that is the background noise we have to drown out so the facts of autism can finally ring out loud and clear. That is when autism will truly speak.



  1. Thanks so much for this post. I think it’s a shame that certain parent groups have made autism such an inflammatory topic that good researchers hesitate to touch it, and that the story is too often about the war over causation (parents vs. science) instead of a realistic view of autism and how society can improve conditions for autistics. I appreciate your good coverage of autism issues!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Help spread the word about an Autism Awareness campaign for the month of April. Horizons Developmental Remediation Center publishes a free weekly email newsletter with helpful articles, ideas, and information for parents and others affected by autism / related disabilities.

    For the month of April, for every new person who signs up for the newsletter at, Horizons Developmental Remediation Center will make a donation to a scholarship fund for parents who require financial assistance to access treatment. There is absolutely no cost involved – just a few moments to go to the page and put a first name and email address.

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