Rosie’s Low-Tech Family Time…What All Our Families Need!

Watching Rosie O’Donnell on GMA yesterday was very refreshing! Not just her honesty and humor, which I admit I have missed since her departure from the view, but her plain talk about families and kids. Did you know she doesn’t let her kids watch tv – ever? Interesting for a tv personality. And, did you know she has a book on crafts for kids, Crafty*U?

Celebrities write books, we all know this. But this book really caught me by surprise because it is one of the most heart-felt books I’ve seen from celebrities in a long while. Rosie told Diane Sawyer that her impetus for the book was to use her star power to help people get their priorities back in a sense. Her comments about crafting were very refreshing. She reminded viewers that the goal was not the final product but the process – very important for parents who often forget that the purpose of the project is the creative process, not the final product. Rosie also mentioned the family bonding aspects of crafting – memory making and time niched out for parents and kids to really talk to each other, and get to know each other. She even encouraged parents to tape the craft sessions to show back later to the kids. That, I thought, was brilliant.

What? You can’t craft? Watch this on-air GMA demonstration. So simple even I can do them – and, believe me, I’m no crafter! It will take you all of a few seconds to put your family into those scenes and start imagining the fun you will have! As the segment points out, don’t worry about the mess, just have fun.

However, the most interesting moment of the interview was when Rosie said this of her book: “I’m teaching people how to spend time with their kids.” Only you know how much time you spend with your kids but if you live the fast paced life the rest us are leading with over scheduled days and everyone running in different directions, you may want to think about this comment a few moments before you write it off as not applying to your family. In my opinion, Rosie was talking to all of us and we’d better all pull back a bit and spend more time with our kids before we wake up one day and realize they are off on their own and we don’t have any more opportunities to make a mess with them in the kitchen.



  1. I enjoy her honesty. What you see is what you get.

  2. Dr. Polly says:

    Hi Dr. Gwenn! Kudos to Rosie. She may have the most well-adjusted kiddies in Hollywood. I would love to throw the tv out the window some days. I haven’t banned it altogether – that sounds like a recipe for future issues if not addiction – but I’ve reduced it to less than an hour a day. And less if the kids have been on the computer. That said, I have banned the Wii (videogame) during the school week. It makes my 7-year old act like she’s ADHD, which she isn’t. I don’t know if it’s more intense than other video-games for younger children, but it seems to have some powerful effects. Have you heard this before?