Chelation Therapy for Autism?

You may have heard recently that some parents are pushing for a controversial therapy for autism called chelation therapy. Chelation therapy isn’t a new therapy – it is a therapy currently used to remove heavy metals from the body, such as lead.

If a heavy metal such as mercury were to be a cause of Autism, in theory chelation should be helpful. However, currently we do not understand Autism to that level of detail and have no proof that heavy metals are the cause. There in lies the problem.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Heavy metal poisoning is often misdiagnosed as “autism” because the parents need the diagnosis for school and social services. Have you ever heard of the medical community giving a “heavy metal poisoning” diagnosis in the last 5-10 years? Does it mean no one is being poisoned?

    I encourage you to look at the videos and slides from the Autism One conference this spring. In a 2007 study of the affect of DMSA chelation on children with autism, all the participants improved at least 20% from DMSA chelation (measured by ADOS). Their levels of lead and cadmium correlated with the severety of their autism diagnoses.

    My son just finished a round of DMSA and ALA chelation. During the round, he experienced peripheral neuropathy. It was scary, but this is a sign that lead and/or mercury were moving around. He has been on ALA chelation for 4 months and DMSA for one. We have seen slow results with ALA, but awesome results after adding the DMSA. His improvements were in speech and peer interaction. He also seems more calm.

    I am a college student and have been studying autism every night for the past year. I do believe that heavy metal poisoning is at least a part of it. Chelation has given me hope and has given my son his voice!