Dr. Gwenn Is In is off on vacation!

Dr. Gwenn Is In is off on our annual end of the summer 2 week vacation! While bitter sweet because our end of the summer vacation always means the new school year is on our heels, it is always a highlight of the summer and a much needed break for everyone.

If you haven’t taken a vacation yet, find at least some time to niche out a day or two for a “staycation”. Having that break is really important – for you and your family. I always worry when I hear people say “we don’t have the time” or “maybe next year”. A vacation doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive – it just has to give all of you a break from the grind and time away from friends, family and technology.

Plus, with lives so busy these days, vacations are really our only time to truly connect as a family. You’ll find your family becoming more glued in ways you can not begin to imagine and you’ll start seeing your kids in a new and exciting ways because you will be more relaxed. Vacations do take a lot of planning to pull off but as the re-glueing of your family develops, all that will fade away – I promise!

Here’s my top 10 ten reasons why my family takes a vacation each year summer:

10. Brain De-Clogging

9. Techno-free time

8. Do new things…or, grab time for things put on the back burner by life (kids, work, spouses)

7. See new places

6. Refuel writing juices

5. Catch up on reading pile

4. Me Time!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for all of us)

3. Relax

2. Relax some more

1. Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vacation is never something you have to rationalize. Vacation is something you and your family always deserve!!

Enjoy the end of the summer with whatever you have planned. Be back in two weeks in time for the back to school rush!



  1. Good work, Gwenn. Enjoy.