A Dose of Dr. Gwenn Hot Off The Presses Companion Page (Show 5)

Show #5 Companion Page: Hot Off The Presses

Every month, we hear on the news and read online and in our daily newspapers (if you still have one in print where you live!) about the studies that impact our family’s life. These studies run the gamut in study focus and theme and can often be hard to interpret.

“Hot Off The Presses” will pull the needles from the haystack for you and help you make sense of the myriad of studies you are bombarded with each month.

If you ever learn of a study you want my input on, let me know! I’m happy to toss in my 2cents or find a colleague to give us some input if the study is out of my area of expertise. Shoot me a tweet or email (ideas@pediatricsnow.com).

For this week’s show, 10 studies peaked my interest in the areas of food, fitness, fun and healthy living. You’ll find links to all the studies as well as the information on getting smoking removed from G, PG and PG-13 movies below.

Dr. Gwenn’s Daily Dose for this week’s show:

“My ultimate research goal is to transform our human existence to just eating, sleeping, drinking, playing…never mind.”
~ Luis von Ahn, Computer Science Professor, Carnagie Mellon University
Hot Off The Presses Reading and Resources List

Parent Attitudes and Movie Ratings
Physical Activity: what’s more important perception or reality?
Fast Food Branding and Kids Tastes
Swim Lessons and Drowning Risk
Kids well being and active vs. passive leisure
This Month’s Pediatrics Studies: baby fat and infants; water fountains in schools; sleep-deprived teens; smoking in homes and kids; smoking in movies

Richmond Center: protect children from smoke, including in movies
Screenout.org: AMA, AAP sponsored group to eliminate smoking in G, PG, PG-13 movies

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