Cracking The Autism Riddle: Common Sense About Vaccines And Autism

As a pediatrician, I can attest that all of us take an oath to do no harm when we graduate medical school and we continue to uphold that oath with everything we promote for the health and well being of children, including universal vaccination. Studies are clear that the vaccines are safe and that they do not cause autism. If people would think more with their minds and not their emotions, I truly believe they would start becoming more able to believe that.

It’s important to note three other issues.

First, without vaccination, the illnesses that we’ve worked so hard to combat will return, as we are seeing now with measles. Remember that vaccine preventable illnesses have no cure and cause horrible disability and death. Do we want to return to those times?

Second, you can rest assured that no one is using any child as a “guinea pig”, as one commenter put it. This isn’t a live experiment going on…it’s public health and disease prevention.

Finally, there is an inherent risk of side effects with any medication but that doesn’t mean to not give it. The benefits of vaccinating out weight the risks of reaction, just like when you take any medication such as over the counters or an antibiotic.

Keep in mind that all parents love their kids. The issue at hand is without vaccines on board it isn’t a matter of if a child will contract one of these horrible vaccine-preventable illnesses, but when.
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