How do you feel about public cell phone talking?

During my recent travels to DC, I was privy to conversations about teenagers, business transaction, child care arrangements, marital issues, gossip, among other things!

These conversations have occurred while someone I didn’t know was on a cell phone yabbering away in a variety of settings: the mall, supermarket, airport (waiting areas, on the plane, restaurants), coffee shops, restaurants, on the street, at one of my kids’ schools. to name a few!

Having run into more cell phone “talkers and walkers” than I could count on my last few business trips, I found this poll done recently by USA Today and published in its October 16, 2009 print issue, quite intriguing. Asked if they find “public cell phone conversations rude”, 51% answered ‘yes’, 37% ‘no’ and only 12% replied they were ‘unsure’.

It’s one thing to use our cell phones publically for emergencies but for other conversations, time to pull in the reins and grab back some old fashioned discretion.

Part of this issue is setting a good example for our children. If we want them to adopt good phone manners and social skills, we need to follow good phone manners and social skills ourselves.

So, next time you are at the airport, read a book or magazine…don’t hop on the phone and conduct business. You should be considering that confidential and those of us around you really don’t want to hear your private details.

Think about how much quieter, and more polite, our days could be if we all followed this good cell phone etiquette!

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