Being Healthy Means Living Healthy, Not Spending Bucks

I opened a fortune cookie the other day, expecting it to say something relatively nonsensical or meaningless, only to have it read:

“Money is not everything. You can buy a doctor but not heath.”

This fortune tells the story of more people than most of us can count, including most of us at times. All too often we fall into trap of thinking that the more we spend on health the healthier we will become. Not true. In fact, good health is a state of mind and need not cost more than time for exercise, time to give ourselves the R&R we need to nurture our souls, the price of food to eat for proper weight and overall good health, and the occasional co-pay for our primary care physician and needed prescriptions.

We can toss money at vitamins, pricey health clubs, personal trainers, diets, alternative health treatments, doctors, second opinions, medications, prescription and nonprescription, as many people do, but those things can’t get us healthy. More times than not, they only produce the facade of good health.

Think about it like this. The bikes and treadmills at the YMCA are the same as at the pricey gyms. The food at the large grocery store chains is just as nutritious and much more affordable than the chains claiming to be “natural” and “organic”.  The big vats of vitamins that many people are costly and not needed if people eat an overall well balanced daily diet.

So, take a look at what you are doing “to be healthy”. I bet if you make a few tweaks you’ll find there are easier ways to achieve your goal and you’ll find you’ll start saving more than a few pennies in the process, too.

Also, next time you come across some fortune cookies, open them up. The words of wisdom may actually be useful, cost effective, and health promoting!