Book Review: Scholastic At Home…Girls Life Club

scholastic girls life club

When my youngest daughter was 9 and solidly a tween, I noticed very quickly her interests changed overnight to included everything from fashion concerns to friendship angst, and even boys with noticeable hormones churning at every corner. Like most 4th graders, her teacher gave out the Scholastic Book order form each month. One particular month, my daughter asked for this Girl’s Club thing – sounded innocent enough. I figured we’d get the first round then cancel.

Here’s what Scholastic says about the club:

From fashion tips…to makeup suggestions…to expert advice on parents, dating and more, the GIRLS’ LIFE CLUB encourages young women to be smart, well-informed, down with latest trends and up on today’s growing-up issues.

Through timely and exciting articles in Girls Life Magazine and insightful books that keep relationships strong, the GIRLS’ ONLY CLUB can help your daughter gain the self-confidence she needs to make good friends…and good choices.

As you can tell, I didn’t have high expectations. I figured it would be a one shot deal – we’d get the introductory pack and call it a day. Well, to my surprise, this is a solid and very age-appropriate “club”.  The books and magazine have been insighful and age-appropriate.And, it has kept a very social child reading! The topics have also been great conversation starters around the dinner table on friends, girl stuff, school issues.Worth a few more months at least!

How can you get it? You can order it from Scholastic at school or At Home.

The downside: it is a monthly thing – that can get annoying and costly.

The upside: great information, age appropriate, family bonding. Easy to cancel should up decide to opt out after a month or more.

My Final 2cents:

thumbs up – just keep in mind it is a subscription thing!