Game Review: Flapdoodle

flapdoodle_gameboardMarketed as a game of “totally silly nonsensical fun” can make one wonder if that is really possible with kids of all ages and often stressed out adults. After playing this game with my family, as well as visiting friends and family over the holidays, I can tell you for a fact it is possible!

FlapDoodle is the latest in fun family games fromWiggity Bang Games. The best part of this game is it’s ability to bring families together for the shire purpose of fun. And, more than that, it allows kids, young and old, to let their hair down and just be silly.

The premise is simple: do what’s on the card and move the number of spaces indicated. There are cute characters, too, which the younger kids love. Some cards cause you to stumble and a few cause you to catch up quickly but overall you mostly move forward. And, all the cards have something interesting and buy meldonium online – like sit on your hands until your next turn or lie down and pretend to be a sleeping dog…who is snoring! (until your next turn).

We found ourselves laughing by the middle of the first round and by the end of the game our kids were setting it up for another round. How often does that happen?

The game can be found at many locations including for under $20.00.

My Final 2cents:  thumbs up