The developmental tracking industry: do we need a gizmo?

baby computer

With our world becoming high tech, it’s not surprising that gizmos and programs or our computers, iPhones and Smartphones are emerging to help us track everything from our infant’s cry to our child’s development. But, are these necessary?

I was called by a reporter from to weigh in on this with a colleague as was a colleague of mine. As members of the American Academy of Pediatrics Council of Communications and Media, and Spokespersons for the AAP, we had a few opinions on this very important topic that I want to share with you that you can find here.

Before you download or buy any computer program or cell phone application just ask yourself one question: can this program do anything more that I can do myself? More times than not, the answer will be no! Honest, you really can parent your kids just fine and keep track of the important “data” you have to keep track of. If our parents and grandparents could do this without high tech aids, so can we!


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