Superbowl Health Health PSA A Super classy move by CBS!

Let’s face it, unless you were from Indianapolis or New Orleans, the ads and half time show are what got you, your friends and family around that TV last night. It’s a true American tradition for all of us.  The game is always exciting and last night’s certainly did not disappoint but most of us watch to see what new and exciting PR moves will be displayed from one year to the next.

Last night, there were a few surprises. One of the biggest, was this one, from Mark Sanchez:

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February is Go Red for Women Month, sponsored by the American Heart Association to raise awareness about heart disease in women, and dollars for research. So, while seemingly out of place during a football game, that PSA is actually the perfect place for it!  With all millions of viewers, men and women, that was a brilliant move by CBS to team up with leading experts to help get an important message out about one of the biggest killers of women today.

What most people don’t realize is how many women of all ages are impacted by heart disease and how how it can strike. The symptoms can be incredibly vague and are often missed by even the most experienced of physicians, which is incredibly frightening to contemplate. This is part of the reason women are not as treated as aggressively in emergency rooms for heart attacks and heart-related issues as men…the issues are not as readily identified.

It’s time everyone become more aware: men, women and the health care community.

Kudos to CBS for shedding light on this very important issue and bringing it to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

If you want to hear a story of one young 39 year old women who suffered not one but two heart attacks before the age of 45, click here. Here story, as told to ABC News, is more common than you realize and is the story we all need to keep in our minds. It could happen to any of us as women  and to any of the  women in our lives.