Show 18 Preview: Bullies In Your Back Yard 2 – Sensible Solutions with Dr. Joel Haber

Show 18: Bullies In Your Back Yard 2

Bullies are a huge problem for our kids today, on and offline. This week we continue our conversation by focusing on solutions that help our kids once we know our kids are being bullied. This week, we are joined by “the bully coach”, Dr. Joel Haber, who will offer practical suggestions for talking to our kids, working with the schools and sorting out when to seek additional help.

Show Time: 1pm ET

Show Date: Thursday April 1, 2010

About Joel Haber, PhD

Joel Haber, PhD is a clinical psychologist who has devoted more than 20 years in his practice to prevent and reduce bullying and abusive behaviors – from childhood through adulthood, in schools, camps, sports, home and the workplace.

Founder of the Respect USM program, Dr. Haber has authored numerous articles and led keynote sessions on topics including, bullying/cyberbullying, building resilience in children and families, parenting in the 21st century, and the changing dynamics of respect and civility.

His professional affiliations include the National Register of Psychology and the American Psychological Association. The author of numerous publications, he has been featured in a front-page article on bullying in the New York Times, appeared on CBS National News, CNN, and on NPR, ESPN radio, as well as in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. His 2nd book “Bullyproof Your Child for Life: Protect your Child from Teasing, Taunting and Bullying for Good” has been released from Penguin/Perigee. He is a national and international consultant to schools, and the national bullying consultant to the American Camp Association, providing material for emotional and physical safety to a million parents, camp staff and kids of all ages.

You can learn more about Dr. Haber here.


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