A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…or Calories!

Shopping for groceries the other day, my kids noticed this product that made us all stop in our tracks:

Chubby Drink from Aisle 7!

Yes…this is a real product from a real major brand super market.

Yes…the label does read “Chubby” and shows a picture of a, well, chubby kid.

No…it’s not a new health drink. Packed into that portable, kid-sized 8oz container is the equivalent of 2 candy bars worth of calories and sugar!!

No…you are not being “punked” or on candid blogger or seeing a prop from SNL…this truly is a real drink sold in stores coast to coast.

I’m not against a sugary treat once in a while as I don’t feel food should be banned from our children’s diets but introduced with portion control and balance as the main messages. However, I draw the line at messaging that is gratuitously degrading and aimed at product sales above the health and well being of children.

While a picture may be worth a thousand words in this case only two come to my mind: no thanks.