Halloween Isn’t The Same Without Those Orange Boxes

We had a great Halloween over all. Many fun costumes. Lots of smiling faces. Huge amounts of candy. But, none of these:

Do you remember these from the Halloween’s of your youth? You should. Unicef is celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year of “Trick or Treat for Unicef”. I’m not entirely sure when I recall them disappearing from my town but I’m certainly my girls had these familiar orange boxes throughout elementary school and I definitely know I needed that cup of coins the last two years. This year, however, not a single orange box. Not a single child with one hand out for candy and the other for “Trick or Treat for Unicef”…not a single one.

As a child, going “trick or treating for Unicef” is one of my most vivid childhood memories, and not just because of the vivid orange color of the box. It felt great being able to do something for kids in the world who needed a little something…even well before I knew what words like “Polio”, “shots”, “immunizations” or “medications” even meant.

Once my kids were old enough to get the giving concept, it made them feel good, too, to know that they got something and gave something back on a fun holiday such as Halloween. It saddens me to think that not all communities are doing this simple spare change collection any more.

The Unicef site makes it so easy to give online. Like we do for the Winter Holidays, my family is planning on hunting through the house for some spare change do to our own coin drive and give to this amazing drive. If you feel like doing the same with your family, click here to learn more.

I feel strongly that teaching our kids to be giving citizens of the world is important. We all have spare change lying under sofa cushions, in cups on counters and in jars…start there. In fact, that little amount makes the world of difference to kids in other parts of the world that have so much less, kids who don’t even know what Halloween even is.

I’ll be writing more soon about ways to help kids learn to give more around the winter holidays so start collecting those coins now!!

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