Pull-Ups Potty Training Dance adds fun to an age-old process!

When my girls were toddlers, a friend of mine leant us a video tape that she swore was the secret to potty training. “It’s like magic”, she told us. “It’s in the song…trust me!”

A song, really? I was convinced she needed a girls’ night out and a break from diapers, Elmo and Barney! One viewing with my toddler, though, I realized she was onto something…a song really can make all the difference with potty training.

The video could have been of just about anything but it contained a couple catchy tunes, one of which, no kidding, was a sone to the tune of “You’re A Grand Old Flag” that began with the very catchy and hard to get out of your mind phrase: “You’re a super-duper pooper…you can potty with the best.”

I’ve long since forgotten the remainder of the song but that one song had my somewhat stubborn 2 1/2 year old daughter dancing and clapping along each and every time. We wore out that video so quickly we had to buy another.

Potty training still went slowly with our daughter but was sure more fun and she didn’t battle as much. That was magic enough for us!

It’s a property of toddlers that they love to have fun and be silly and music is a great way to achieve that. So, I’m not surprised that the “super-duper pooper” song did that for us eons ago…and the Pull Ups Potty Training Dance Song is doing that coast to coast for eons of toddlers and their families ever since it was created by Grammy Nominated children’s artist Ralph Covert from Ralph’s World.

You can learn all about the dance on Pull-Ups.com but here’s a sneak peak:

Catchy, huh? If you have a child that you are either potty training or about to potty train, this song and dance can be your new best friend in adding some levity to the process. Let’s face it, potty training can be harrowing at times. You and your toddler may not see eye to eye all the time and the pace may not go as you thought it would. It is not one of the easiest parenting tasks to accomplish nor is it one of the easiest child tasks to help your young child with. Adding in something fun is honestly just what the process needs for everyone. From there, you can use other tools, stickers, books, DVDS, to help your kids become successful at the various steps to actually use the potty.

To make the Potty Training Dance even more fun and entertaining, Pull Ups is hosting a special kick off day for this year’s dance this Saturday, March 5 with events taking place in Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Atlanta and San Diego as well as being streamed online on the www.pullups.com website at 11:30am EST. Check them out with your family if you have the time.

Just remember that tools like the potty dance are there to help you jump start a process that will take a while but the more you make the process fun, the more motivated your child will be to want to be involved and stick with it.

As a Pull Ups Potty Training Partner, I’ll be posting more information about potty training just like I did in 2010 so stay tuned. For now, put on your dancing shoes and have a great time.


I have partnered with Pull-Ups® to serve as a Pull-Ups® Potty Training Partner. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, which includes writing articles for Pull-Ups.com, offering tips and advice on the Pull-Ups® Facebook page. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments or endorse the product.

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