Sports & Energy Drinks for Teens: water is cheaper & healthier!

The AAP Committee on Nutrition and Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness released a Clinical Report this week that is important for any parent who had kids in sports or kids who drink sports drinks or energy drinks. The report, Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks for Adolescents: Are They Appropriate?, puts into perspective not only who should be drinking these drinks but the risks and benefits for each.

This is no small problem to tackle. Young athletes are bombarded with the message that these drinks are an important part of their sports diets. Advertisements for all the popular sports and energy drinks show popular sport stars, celebrities and bands drinking these, and liberally. The ads cite health benefits such as rehydration, electrolyte replacement and carbohydrate replacement. Check out this link,  this this, and this to see the heavy handed endorsements for yourself.

What these advertisements don’t discuss, though, is the downsides of use in our teens and when, exactly, our teens should be drinking these drinks.

I went onto Fox News to discuss these very topics this morning:


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