My Unplugged Hopes for the New School Year

The first day of school is around the corner. As the day approaches, I’m again awed by where my kids are in their lives. This year is a big year for us with our youngest starting high school and our oldest driving and starting to think about college.

As we begin to gather all the essentials to start off the school year, I’m struck with a few simple hopes for each of them as they embark upon their new school adventures:

1. That they both discover something new about themselves.

2.  That they realize it’s better to have a small group of true friends than a large group of fair weathered ones.

3. That they each try  something new and slightly out of their comfort zones.

4.  That they start to learn to not  define themselves by grades or test score.

5. That the always remember how proud we are of them.

6. That they year the year feeling as great as they do today.

What are your dreams and hopes for your kids’ this year?? My best advice is to keep them simple…and let your kids do the rest.