Steve Jobs: His Impact Is Not Just Technological

How many Apple devices do you own? At the moment, we own 10 among the 4 of us between MacBooks, iPods, iPhones, an Airport Express and an iPad. At any given point during our waking, one of us is using an Apple device.

When you take a step back and consider not only the amount of Apple devices we all own but how much of our day is engaged with an Apple device, the impact of Steve Jobs’ visions start to crystallize.

It’s not the development of these products, though, that illustrates Jobs’ brilliance but those devices ability to reshape how we live – how we play and work.  I think about this often as I go about my day. As a writer, you’d think that my MacBook would be the device I use most often – but it’s not. It’s actually a toss up between my iPhone camera and the iPhone notes app.

As a camera enthusiast, there were many moments I wished I had my camera with me – moments where a perfect shot came into view. With my iPhone, I don’t have that worry any longer. Between the phone’s native camera and some additional apps, I’m never at a loss for creativity.

Similarly, as I never know when an idea will strike, having my iPhone with me has become invaluable for jotting down ideas. In fact, much of this post was written on my iPhone notes app while killing time waiting for a doctor’s appointment. If only it was waterproof for those inspirational ideas that seem to only hit in the shower!

My story is certainly not unique. Most people I know have found the way they work and play changed by one Apple device or another.

Technologically, it’s clear our world would not be as it is today without Steve Jobs. But, beyond technology, Jobs also left his mark. He showed us it is possible to change lives even when yours is under attack. In fact, some of Jobs most inspirational and transformational devices were developed during the last 8 years, the time he battled pancreatic cancer.

Did you also know Jobs didn’t let his kids watch TV? An interesting philosophy from the man responsible for the most influential technology of our day. That sort of technological discretion is an ideal we all could use a little more of in our lives. If Steve Jobs could do it with his work life immersed in technology, I would think we all could raise the bar a bit higher in our lives on that front.

I hope future generations of digital kids learn not just to the digital stuff Jobs’ created smartly but to learn a bit about what made their creator so inspirational – and to have time without technology to spend the type of time with people that make life so meaningful.

So, thank you, Steve. You have inspired us to truly live – online and off.


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