Unplugging and Going Offline…be back soon!

It’s time. “Time for what, you ask?” Time to go on one of my breaks from the digital world. I take them regularly each month but this is my favorite time to go offline and off gride for more than my usual day or two.

I’ll be back soon with new content and a fresh outlook on things. You’d be amazed how much inspiration comes from a round or two of golf or reading on the deck without the cell phone buzzing with constant tweets and posts.

So, don’t be alarmed by me being MIA on Facebook and twitter for a bit and for any delays in responding to emails. I’ll be back soon enough…once I take some time to refuel and enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed…without plugs.

I hope you find some ways to carve out a bit of unplugged time for you and your family between now and the start of school. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Be back soon.

Dr. G

Speak Your Mind


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