Remembering 9/11 but allowing for new beginnings and new hopes

For many of us, we will never forget where we were 11 years ago today. As with so many moments in life, this one day will be etched in our minds and souls forever and we will always pause each morning, on this day, and just remember, just for a moment, how out of control our world was and how very, very scary.

At the same time, as I noted in last year’s 9/11 post, it’s important to not just remember but to affirm as a country on a day like this that we are strong, that we have a great deal to be proud of, and to help our children understand that sometimes incredibly bad and hard to understand things occur but we move forward, keep living and even rebuild.

In fact, rebuilding is just what we can embrace today because with each passing month the 9/11 memorial becomes more robust with evidence that we can remember and rebuild.

I was in NYC first weekend in May, as the Freedom Tower had just reclaimed it’s title as the tallest building in NYC. I hadn’t been back to that area in a very long time and it was incredible to feel the energy of the area as it was taking root with a new beginning.

I’ll never forget the events of 9/11/01. But, today, this is what I choose to focus on:

On 9/11/01 we never would have thought it possible to move forward, to rebuild – yet we did. Today, I believe, that’s what we need to remember and help our kids understand.

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