Cybersafe and Savvy Tip 11: texting & moving is an accident waiting to happen

Even though there are laws and news reports stating the dangers, it seems to be happening more and more. I don’t even have to look to know it happened again…it’s that consistent.

In fact it happened again the other day. I was driving into a parking lot and a lady driving in a minivan turned into the same lot, very quickly, and almost hit me and a few pedestrians. I stopped to get out of her way and just shook my head, annoyed that I was once again almost hit by a distracted driver. She was so absorbed in her cell phone call, I doubt she even knew how fast she was going or that she missed my car by inches and a few pedestrians by even less.

The day before the same scenario occurred near my house but by a driver texting.

The week before, I was in the mall and a person ran into me in a store while texting.

You get the idea.

We’re way to plugged in and distracted at the wrong times.

AT&T has a great site with a simulator that’s worth checking out. Their motto says it all: “No text is worth dying for.”

The same can be said for a phone call, a voice message, listening to a new tune.

It’s time we put a bit more priority on not just our own safety but each other’s. Wouldn’t you agree?


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