Cybersafe and Savvy Tip 28: Staying Cybersafe and Savvy all year ’round

Wow – a month of tips. Thanks for taking this digital safety journey with me. We sure did cover a huge amount of information but it was worth it. You may not realize it today, but the information you learned this month is just what you need to keep your family safe online – and it didn’t cost you more than a few minutes each day.

This month’s CyberSecurity Awareness Month may just about be over, but in so many ways this is just the beginning of a life-long journey of staying on top of the digital world. Now that you know the lingo and topics, though, it won’t be all that daunting to stay up to date. You just keep adding to what you know. It’s like learning to ride a bike. Those initial days seem evil. You think “I’ll never figure this out.” Then one day you’re taking off like a pro and riding all over time. Whether you still have digital training wheels on or have just taken them off, you are most certainly way ahead in progress today than where you were 30 days ago and I think that’s fantastic…and so should you!!

So, where do you go from here? Just keep riding forward. Keep brushing up on topics you feel you need to learn more about. And, keep adding to your already growing database of digital topics. You have my tips to start you on your way. Refer back to those when you need to and hunt online for more information on the topics that interest you.

One action item you might want to add to your digital to-do list in the coming weeks to months is getting a digital checkup for your devices. What’s cool is that these tools are online and most are free.  Click here to find a handy list of where you can go to accomplish this.

Like all things in life, there is risk with participating in the digital world. But, just like in the offline world. Those risks are minimized with common sense, knowledge and knowing what to do should something go awry. So, don’t let the news stories spook you into thinking the digital world isn’t safe. It is!! And, you can make it even safer by doing just what you are doing today – getting information and giving that information to your family.

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