Keep Calm and Avoid the Mall…it can be done!

Keep Calm and Avoid The Mall

I swung over to the mall yesterday, President’s Day,  to take my usual walk – but arrived a bit after the mall opened instead of during the usual pre-opening walk hours. OMG, what a mistake! I expected the mall to be busy but what I experienced was surreal – as if it was an expected activity for all local families…some sort of mandatory “take your kids to the mall” day.

I’m used to seeing parents with young kids at the mall – at any time. In fact, among the typical walkers are moms with strollers, some with and some without toddlers toddling along.

Yesterday, though, the mall was packed, elbow to elbow, with families with school age kids and older. It made me wonder: why in the world were they there on sunny no school day? It honestly wasn’t that cold out.

Needless to day, we headed for the nearest exist. Too many people to make walking doable and with flu season still very active, my “get somewhere less crowded” alarm system had kicked in. The last thing I needed right now was getting sick again.

Sometimes the mall is our friend. After all, we can get our kids the fashion necessities of their school days, as well as the items we need to check off our lists.

As we were pulling away, the mall becoming a teeny spec in my rear view mirror, I couldn’t help but wonder, isn’t there something else, anything else, these families could be doing today? Shouldn’t we all be raising the bar just a tad higher when we have family days like this?

With the phrase “the mall”, on my mind, here are a few of the many  ideas that came to mind as “antimall” things we can do with our kids next time we are faced with a day like yesterday…or any day we have a school vacation week:

Dr. Gwenn’s Anti-Mall Time With Your Kids Activity Bucket List:

Take a game or puzzle out, sit around the kitchen table and play.
Have an an outing somewhere new. Visit a museum, buy kamagra online. This can be a great indoor or outdoor activity!
Everyone put an activity in a hat and pull out one at a time. Do each for 45 minutes.

Movie day – at home our out!
Amaze each other with an act for a family variety show.
Learn a new game or activity that no one in your family knows – perhaps go snow shoeing or do a rock climbing wall or go to a pottery store where everyone can make something and bring it home.
Lunch at home – home made…anything goes but make sure everyone pitches in and picks part of the meal.

If you think of any other anti-mall, family bonding activities, let me know!

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