Dickies Scrub Top Review

As a pediatrician and former pediatric emergency room physician, I get contacted from time to time to review products that are useful to pediatricians, and those working in busy clinics, urgent care centers, and ERs. Not too long ago, I was contacted by a representative from Uniformed Scrubsto review one of their new medical scrubs for woman’s scrub tops from Dickies. Having spent a considerable time in scrubs over the years from my days in training to my emergency room and urgent care clinical time, I agreed.

I was sent a Dickies scrub top to try from their new product line. The one that arrived was the Missy Fit “enzyme washed” #84757 size Medium scrub top in blue.  I tried it on and spent some time in it to get a feel for it compared to other scrub tops I’ve warn. Here’s what I noticed:

The Pros:

The scrub top has a nice feminine style compared to the typical scrub top. I definitely liked how it looked on me. It tapers in mid-waist and the pockets are placed in the front by the hips and not over the breast area.

The Cons:

Given my experience in healthcare and with wearing scrubs for many hours, I found the material itself a bit too heavy for long term use and the fit a bit too constraining. If you have a job where you don’t need to worry about doing procedures, moving around a great deal or wearing a gown over the scrub top, I don’t believe these would be huge issues but if you are working in a busy ER for many hours, these could become factors.

The other con of the scrub top is the pockets. The pockets are double pockets and would weigh you down quickly depending on what you placed in them and their location so low down. They are great for ID tags, rounding sheets, pens but more than that I’m not entirely sure how functional they would be.

My final 2 cents: 

This is definitely a top you’d have to try on and decide for yourself and take into account what you do in healthcare. For some roles, I can see this working out great, for others not so much. It definitely looks great and I do believe for the right person in the right role would be a good option.

If you need some scrubs or want to try the Missy Fit scrub, Uniformed Scrubs is offering a discount of 15% through July 31, 2013. Type in “trueblue” at checkout to claim the discount.

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