Internet Safety Month Week 2 Tips

How did your first week of Internet Safety Month go? Finding the tips useful?

Last week, I gave you  the first 9 tips to get your on your way. This week, I have 7 more to get your through the next week.

10.  Controlling our Digital Footprint

11. Why we need to protect kids online

12. Wordless Wednesday: Teen life.

13. Staying Safe from Cybercrimes

14.  TECH is the word

15. Unplugged Saturday

16. Unplugged Sunday

With the busy time of year and Father’s Day this coming weekend, you’ll notice a tad more unplugged time tossed in this week. So, as this week marches on, start thinking about how you want to spend that time with your family. Time away from the digital world is not only fun and refreshing but one of the best ways to stay safe in today’s digital world. Think about it – you can’t have anything happen online if you’re not there!

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