June is Internet Safety Month: Time to reboot our digital settings, safety and sanity

June is National Internet Safety Month. With the summer around the corner, this is actually the perfect time to pause and consider how we’re doing with the myriad of safety issues we have to consider in today’s digital world.

In October during Cyber Security Awareness Month, I created a tip a day covering all the big digital safety tips. Instead of serving you up a tip a day as I did in October, I’ll give you the tips a week at a time.

Here’s your first week or so of tips:

  1. Family Use Media Plan
  2. Digital Stuff Roundup
  3. Modern Teen Life
  4. Words are really online stones
  5. Dr. Gwenn’s Guide to Online Behavior
  6. A game made for the military is too violent for a kid
  7. Unplugged Sunday
  8. Decoding Texting in Teens
  9. Getting the digital message RITE

Be back next week with week 2!


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