National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Turns 10!!

NCSAM-Champion Happy Anniversary, Cyber Security Awareness Month! When this awareness month began ten years ago, our world was very, very different. So, it’s not a surprise that beyond the theme of “Our Shared Responsibility”, one of this year’s themes is “10 Years and Beyond”.

Do you remember what you were doing online a decade ago? Did you have a cell  phone? Did you text?

Here’s my recollection of my plugged in life a decade ago:

1. Our computers big but were becoming a bit faster thanks to digital connections and routers. This was the age of Roadrunner! Websites were becoming more popular and so the concept of a blog just starting to emerge.  Laptops were also popular but heavy. Small, on the go laptops were starting to come on the market.

2. Cell phones were becoming smaller and lighter. Texting was becoming a bit more popular but email was now the communication venue of the day.

3. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter were still a couple years away so not an issue yet.

4. Blogs were just emerging as were news sites. While not game changes, both gave people reasons to start exploring the online world.

5. TV: Definitely…but in huge, heavy sizes and connected to VCRs. Time delay was not invented yet!

6. Call me, beep me…Beepers were popular and not just for doctors.

7. MP3 players? Again, not invented yet but CD players were becoming popular and cassette players were still popular in cars and on the go.

8. Videoplayers: wildly popular. People loved these and they came in all shapes and sizes.

So, this is what I recall. Over the next 2 years, we’d all be online and connected more and more. Over the next decade, well, you know the story!

This month in keeping with the spirit of National Cyber Security Awareness Month’s Themes, I’ll be posting tips and thoughts to help you and your family stay cybersafe all year long. So, stay tuned – much more to come!



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