Helping Kids Be Mobile And Safe

Fox10.8.13We know kids and teens love their mobile devices, cell phones especially. It’s all too easy, though, to forget that our kids are still developing and need guidance on how best to use these devices safely and other people’s best interests in mind. Two headlines this week from Massachusetts remind us of just these facts:

1. Police in Wrentham investigate sexting scandal involving 24 students

2. Beverly teens in hot water over video

I couldn’t have picked more appropriate stories to illustrate this week’s National Cyber Security Safety month second week theme of Being Mobile: Online Safety & Security. These headlines and the real world stories they tell remind us that we can, and must, do better as a society to educate our kids starting very young about the world they live in so they can use the technology they have access to appropriately. This is the only true path to helping them stay safe while using technology in any setting, mobile or pulled in.

I discussed these headlines and the issues they raised on Fox News Boston today and offered  some tips on how to talk to our kids about these tough situations and help them become the best digital citizens they can be in today’s mobile world:

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The mom in the opening of the segment said it best when she said: “They have no idea…they are just playing with their phones.”

So, let’s do something about that and help them understand what to do…and what not to do. That’s the only way to prevent further incidents like the ones in Massachusetts this week and so many other places around the world.

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