A Month of CyberSafety Tips

Whether a parent, an educator, a pediatrician, our “shared responsibility” when it comes to kids and the digital world is helping them become amazing digital citizens. That’s now always an easy task because of the every changing nature of kids and the every changing technological world which tosses at us new technologies at a mind numbing pace.

One way I’ve found helpful to tackle these issues is to develop simple tips for people to use that embody some of these variables in simple ways. A couple years ago I created a tip a day for National Cyber Security Awareness Month and posted one a day. Last year, I posed them in batches. This year, I’m giving them to you all at ones for you to decide how you want to digest them. Perhaps you want to scan them all at once and then go back to the ones that seem to resonate most with you given where you are with your family and their ages. Perhaps you want to just go one at a time. Or, perhaps you’re swamped and just too overwhelmed to even look at these tips right now. That happens to all of us from time to time. Now that you know these tips are here, you can just come back to them when your plate is less full.

So, without further adieu, the tips:

Tip 1 Family Use Media Plan

Tip 2 Digital Stuff Roundup

Tip 3 Modern Teen Life

Tip 4 Words are really online stones

Tip 5 Dr. Gwenn’s Guide to Online Behavior

Tip 6 A game made for the military is too violent for a kid

Tip 7 Unplugged Sunday

Tip 8 Decoding Texting in Teens

Tip 9 Getting the digital message RITE

Tip 10  Controlling our Digital Footprint

Tip 11 Why we need to protect kids online

Tip 12 Wordless Wednesday: Teen life.

Tip 13  Staying Safe from Cybercrimes

Tip 14  TECH is the word

Tip 15 Unplugged Saturday

Tip 16 Unplugged Sunday

Tip 17 Talking to kids about sexting

Tip 18: Busting Digital Myths

Tip 19 Wordless Wednesday – A sign of our times

Tip 20 Know your state laws

Tip 21 Cyberwise Parenting

Tip 22 To Friend or Not To Friend

Tip 23 Unplugged Sunday

Tip 24 Digital Free Dinners

Tip 25 Unplug regularly

Tip 26 Wordlesss Wednesday

Tip 27 Be cyberinformed about cyberbullying

Tip 28 Staying cybersafe all year ’round

Tip 29 You are your child’s best role model

Tip 30 Unplugged Sunday

If you have any questions or comments about any of these tips, let me know via Twitter: @DrGwenn

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