Survival Tips for Graduation Weekend

Graduation 2015Do you have a graduate in your house? We do. Even as a “veteran” graduation parent, celebrating a graduation is still one of the most emotional roller coasters you’ll ever experience. It’s an awesome occasion but brings with it all sorts of emotions and chaos. Even if you’ve gone through this before, as we have, each child experiences a graduation differently so let me share with you some pearls of wisdom we’ve picked up along the way.

1. Don’t get too nostalgic. Believe me, while we all remember our graduations fondly and the many moments of our graduates’ younger days, today our graduates really want to focus on their friends and all the celebrations. They are very “me-centric” and it’s how they cope with parting ways from the friends and familiar setting of their last few years.

2.With the ups will come some downs – perhaps more than some. If your graduate is like ours, you may find just walking into a room brings on a mood. My advice…walk out of the room. It’s not you but the aura of graduation and it will pass. Your graduate will become more human after graduation…and likely during it again, too. But, when overwhelmed, expect your graduate to lash out at the people they love the most – mom, dad, siblings, etc. We find reminding them that we “get it” and redirecting helps sometimes.

3.  Try and plan the celebration your graduation has in mind, if you can figure that out. Some graduates want a huge celebration and others a smaller affair. Each graduate handles attention after a graduation differently so do what you can to get on the same page as to the extent of the event. In our family, our oldest daughter wanted a small gathering of friends and family after her high school graduation. Our youngest daughter wants a bigger celebration – basically, more friends and family!

4. There will be award ceremonies and end of the year events. At some point through the winding down of the official school events, make sure you let your graduate know how proud you are of what your graduate has accomplished. In the end, that is what your graduate will remember – not the certificates and trophies.

Congratulations to every family celebrating a graduation!!

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