The best cure for chaos: helping kids in need

We’ve had a long standing tradition in my family to give to kids in need every holiday season.  My husband and I started buying toys to toss into the Toys For Tots box when we were dating and passed the tradition onto our daughters once they were born. It’s a great feeling to know kids in need will have a toy to open during the holidays.

I’ve been promoting the need to give since going online in 2006. As a pediatrician, I truly can’t help but want to help the world’s kids. This time of year, however, I think locally. There are so many children who need a boost during the holiday season from food to coats to gifts. Whatever you can do to help, please try and do it. I don’t have a stake in any of the charities whose links I’m sharing with you – I just feel these are reputable groups who strive to help kids and families in need this time of year.

This year, our child in need was picked from a toy drive my husband’s company is doing. Our child is an 8 year old girl whose first choice in toys is a barbie. So, today, I went Barbie hunting. Wow! The Barbie collection has at least tripled in the last decade since my girls were at that stage. I have to admit, it’s heart warming to not only give to a child but have a name, age and toy list. If you have a charity in your area to help fulfill a child’s holiday dream, do so. It’s a great feeling.

You can also give online. Here are some of the groups that donate toys and coats to kids in need:

So, look for a way to help this holiday season. I’ll post groups I hear about as I’ve done in the past.

Toys for Tots

Globe Santa 

One Warm Coat

Happy Holidays…and thanks for whatever you can do to help kids this holiday season.

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