Graduation: out with the old, in with the new

Do you remember when you graduated from high school or college? What about when you participated in your last sporting event or concert when you were in school? Those moments growing seemed so final, so overwhelming. We knew as parents that there was so much more around the corner to look forward to but, at that moment in time, our children just knew that their familiar romping ground was chaning.

I’m going through that right now with my oldest daughter who is about to graduate college and begin her next big adventure out into the world. Many of you are doing the same with your children with graduations in high school or college. It’s not easy to help our children negotiate these times. And, it’s hard on us as parents, too.

One sports caster posted his thoughts as his daughter completed her last golf game and it captured perfectly how many of us feel as those “lasts” occur – for our kids and for us. I’m sure you’ll agree as you watch this video, this is how we all hope to act as our kids embark upon their “lasts” as each school chapter ends and another new path begins:

Congratulations to everyone celebrating a graduation this spring. Let’s not dwell on those “lasts” too long as we know our kids will have so many more “firsts” very soon as they start to spread their wings in the real world.

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